Ahh, a Resume

A little about me

I am an energetic, enthusiastic character and throw myself into projects with full commitment, I take pride in my ability to learn anything quickly, and have a natural lean towards mathematics and programming. That said, I am also a practical person. My skill and proficiency in climbing, sailing, surfing and many other outdoor activities demonstrate this. Throughout my time at university I demonstrated my leadership skill, built upon this grounding at Lazy Susan and have continued this progression at Consortiq. Most of all I am eager to work on projects where my abilities and characteristics will make a difference.


University of Southampton logoBSc Mathematics - Second class

Previous Experience

Full Stack Developer - Consortiq (June 2018 - Present)

  • UI/UX Design and optimization.
  • Introduced tracking across all web apps.
  • Created automated on-boarding scripts for new clients.
  • Re-designed mission creation UI/UX with a target of 15 minute reduction in creation time.
  • Communicated with clients to develop new features for the product.
  • Workflow optimisation within the CQNet web app.
  • Communicated breaking API changes with external development partners.
  • Integrated multiple API's into the CQNet system.
  • Worked with partners to deliver new product demo's to tight deadlines.
  • Headed communications between internal, external and partner development teams.
  • Championed company code review process.
  • Ownership of team stand-up process.
  • Assisted in the design for a new platform architecture.
  • Wrote internal and external release notes.
  • Optimised release process.
  • Design and track new features.
  • Followed company design principles.
  • Engage regularly with upper management to steer product pipelines and discuss potential new products.
  • Track errors, bugs and issues using Sentry.io
  • Adapted a Wordpress design to create CQNet.io
  • Completed the theoretical side of Consortiq's UAQ qualification.
  • I can also make tea / coffee to each team members taste.

Operations and Merchandising Data Analyst - Lazy Susan (June 2017 - Present)

  • Reported to upper management on marketplace performance to define and drive the business strategy.
  • Financial forecasting to track against KPI’s and define budgets.
  • Created a vast array of analytical dashboards and toolkits to analyse sales, stock and advertising performance.
  • Analysed previous sales data to create the purchase orders for the 2018 sales season.
  • Communicated with multiple foreign suppliers to create purchase orders, organise container shipment schedules and all other aspects of shipping logistics.
  • Designed and implemented UI improvements in the form of “colour swatches” for the main three Lazy Susan websites. (Since surpassed due to new website design)
  • Worked with, and managed, two digital marketing agencies, to optimise ad spend and create new digital marketing campaigns and strategies.
  • Took the lead on software research projects and spoke on behalf of Lazy Susan to multiple development agencies to scope and specify projects.
  • Provided training to members of staff on a range of technical solutions.
  • Implemented product data feeds from the Magento CMS to external service providers and platforms.
  • Automated live stock and sales dashboards as well as weekly stock and sales price tracking using Google Apps Scripts.
  • Automated weather forecast data extractions using Google Apps Scripts and the DarkSky API.

President - Southampton University Mountaineering Club (2015-16)

  • Managed, supervised and was responsible for the continual running and administration of the club.
  • Managed and worked in conjunction with the other eleven committee members to maintain high levels of club activity and membership engagement.
  • Assisted the treasurer in pricing structure changes to ensure future financial viability.
  • As the principal face of the club, I took care to welcome new members, through speaking and organising events such as; the Fresher’s Presentation, the AGM and created the climbing varsity competition.

Some of the technologies I've worked with

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