Aaron Bosley

Aaron Bosley


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I am an energetic and enthusiastic character and throw myself into projects with full commitment, I take pride in my ability to learn anything quickly, and have a natural lean towards mathematics and programming. That said, I am also a practical person. My skill and proficiency in climbing, sailing, surfing and windsurfing demonstrate this.

Throughout my time at university I demonstrated my leadership skill and built upon this grounding at Lazy Susan. Most of all I am eager to work on projects where my abilities and characteristics will make a difference.

Powered by NetlifyCMS

28, November 2019

What's it like adding NetlifyCMS to a Gatsby site? Surprisingly not bad and most of all, free!

TrainingWall - Authentication and Authorization

8, May 2019

After reading this far in the series, I haven't told you what my app is actually meant to do. Well, lets not spoil everything in one go!

TrainingWall - The Tech Stack (front-end)

8, May 2019

Lets discuss the front-end stack for TrainingWall!

TrainingWall - The Tech Stack (back-end)

8, May 2019

In this post I'm going to cover the Tech Stack I chose as a back-end for my app, TrainingWall.